Some Data

Understanding reader, editor and wiki-specific phenomena through quantitative analysis

some data


In addition to it's qualitative and experimental work, the Wikimedia Foundation Design Strategy team also supports product development through data gathering and analysis. From tracking key characteristics of the 732 wiki projects worldwide to testing/validating hypotheses about the factors that drive momentum in the Free Knowledge Movement, these sorts of quantitative studies provide insights that enable the Product teams to make more informed decisions.


  1. Momentum

    This study will test some key hypotheses: that building awareness of the brand drives more people to read our content; that by growing readership the Movement itself grows as readers are converted into content contributors; that as the community grows so does the amount and diversity of content offered; and that more, and more diverse, content attracts more readers.
  2. Wiki Comparison

    This initiative established a baseline for comparing key characteristics of 732 wiki projects (number of editors, amount of content, readers, readers by platform, etc).