Seeking research professionals to partner with on our research projects.

Research Collaborations

We are assembling a diverse group of partners to work with on all aspects of design and user research. We conduct research all over the world, in many languages, using a variety of methodologies. To accomplish this, we work with partners across the globe to design and execute studies, source participants, understand cultural contexts, co-create, and more. If you are a vendor or independent professional that conducts design research or works in an adjacent field, we would love to hear from you! Please share more about your capabilities and offerings by submitting this short form. When a project matches your profile, we will contact you to discuss the project or send an RFP. Below are examples of the types of research partners we are seeking.

  • Companies, institutions, and independent professionals that operate in any region and in any language
  • Design, UX, UI research firms
  • Participant recruitment and incentives specialists
  • Qualitative and quantitative user researchers
  • Data analysts, data scientists, and research scientists
  • Ethnographers that work in the technology domain
  • Language specialists
  • Any related or adjacent domain