Online Social Behavior

Examining the prosocial and disruptive dimensions of online culture - on and off-wiki

online social behavior


This initiative focuses on understanding a wide range of social behaviors on the Wikimedia projects and on other digital platforms, with the goal of identifying and amplifying patterns of healthy engagement and of tracking and mitigating socially destructive norms, practices and policies. The studies here include original ethnographic work and quantitative studies as well as literature reviews of prior industry and academic research.


  1. HabLatAm

    A cross country study on the internet skills, habits, and behaviors of youth in Latin America.
  2. Content Moderation Explained

    An overview of how a global community of volunteer moderators determine which contributions to Wikipedia are accepted and rejected.
  3. Interpersonal Communication on Wikipedia

    This project seeks to understand more about interpersonal communication and coordination within the Wikipedia community, in particular the role of talk pages in creating and maintaining Wikipedia’s content.
  4. Community Health Survey

    An inquiry into the unique challenges faced by volunteer administrators in conflict resolution situations and what types of resources would be most beneficial to this work.
  5. Harassment on Arabic Wikipedia

    This study aimed to establish a baseline understanding of the frequency of harassment, trolling, and threatening communicative practices on Arabic Wikipedia, to explore the effects of these practices on editing and community health, and to guide future investigation and strategic decisions for the Anti-Harassment Tools team.